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A science blog focusing on WNK signaling and biology, but also extending to kinases and cell biology in general. Blog may also discuss science education, policy, and issues in scientific research. All opinions are my own.

- Freelance Science/Medical Writer                                                                                                           2016-Present

        - "New Parkinson's Target Discovered on a Lark", Published by ASCB Post on 03/01/2016

        - "Run for Your Life: Exercise Protects Against Cancer", Published on ASCB Post on 03/31/2016

           This article was highlight with a press release by ASCB on 04/07/2016

        - "Could GMO Xenotransplants Break the Donor Bottleneck?", Published by ASCB Post-Cell News
           on 04/12/2016.

Freelance Science/Medical Editor                                                                                                           2016-Present

        Edit and revise manuscripts for publication, working mainly with non-native English speakers.

- Contributing Editor, Journal of Postdoctoral Research                                                                                     2015

- COMPASS Points Blog, American Society of Cell Biology

As a founding member of ASCB's Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS), I was central in the initiation of the COMPASS Points Blog, a weekly blog that discusses topics related to science education, policy, and other topics that impact graduate students and postdocs. As a co-chair (2014) and then chair (2015) of the Communications subcommittee responsible for the blog, I expanded the reach of the blog by organizing an annual science writing contest, as well as started a collaborative interaction with the National Postdoc Association through which their members contributed articles as well as advertised the blog, increasing our readership. My duties with regards the blog have been to recruit authors, edit articles, maintain the continuous, weekly publication of the blog, contributing articles, and increasing the readership and reach of the blog through social media and direct contacts.

                 - Co-chair and organizer of the blog                                                                                            2014-2015

                 - Contributor                                                                                                                                    2013-2015

                             Contributed articles for COMPASS Points Blog

Hashem A. Dbouk, PhD

Medical Writer 

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